Mindfulness – Befriending Cancer with Mindfulness: A Journey Through, Cirrhosis, Liver Cancer & Treatments, Liver Transplant and Recovery

Befriending Cancer with Mindfulness focuses on a mindfulness journey from cirrhosis to liver cancer and then treatments, a liver transplant and recovery. I will share how mindfulness, largely based on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) was an essential part of this successful (so far) journey. Befriending cancer, treatments, and having a liver transplant will illustrate how I changed my relationship to challenges that came with them. A Mindfulness approach towards any form of suffering – cancer, fear, anger, impatience, sadness, and even death, is a path to healing that anyone can learn and practice. Although often counter-intuitive, I found this path is more effective than “fighting” cancer and other challenges.

Periodically, I will describe/post parts of this journey, focusing on how mindfulness lead me back to greater health and even happiness.

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