Program Characteristics

This program is designed to encompass a core ethos of life long learning. Learn to approach your life with Mindfulness.


  • A fundamental component of good medical care
  • Intensive training in mindfulness meditation
  • An educational orientation
  • Group format
  • Experiential, highly participatory format
  • Highly challenging and strongly supportive
  • Self-responsibility emphasized within the context of a collaborative relationship between participant and facilitator
  • Array of mindfulness methods to meet individual participant needs and learning styles
  • Interactive facilitator and participant initiated dialogue and inquiry intended to explore perceptions, mental and behavioral habits and patterns that may be inhibiting learning, growth, and healing
  • The structure is intended to foster participant self-regulation and self-reliance
  • Life-long learning: This program is 1) designed to foster an immediate and deliberate shift in health orientation and 2) is a method for enhancing health and well being across the life span.